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If you have melasma, unsuccessfully removing the brownish or grayish patches from your face can be frustrating. Melasma’s hyperpigmentation can reach deep into your skin, which is why you need expert care from the aesthetic professionals at Health and Beauty Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina. Health and Beauty Associates has a variety of effective treatments for melasma, including CynoSure® Icon™ laser resurfacing. Call or use the online form to set up an appointment today.

Melasma Q & A

What is melasma?

Melasma is a benign condition where you develop brown or grayish patches over your face or on areas of your body that get lots of sun exposure like your arms or neck.

The American Academy of Dermatology estimates 90% of people who get melasma are women. Melasma also commonly occurs during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

Melasma isn’t dangerous, but it can be unsightly. Melasma is difficult to relieve because the pigmentary changes can penetrate deep into your skin’s layers.

What causes melasma?

Hormonal changes and sun exposure seem to be the main triggers for melasma. You’re more likely to get or worsen melasma if you:

  • Don’t use sunscreen
  • Spend a lot of time in the sun
  • Have hormonal changes, such as pregnancy
  • Use irritating skin care products
  • Use birth control pills

How can I improve my melasma?

If you’re pregnant, melasma may resolve itself after delivery. Similarly, if you use birth control pills and stop, melasma could improve.

However, if you don’t get an improvement or want to continue hormonal contraceptives, you should see the aesthetic doctors at Health and Beauty Associates for treatment.

How does a doctor treat melasma?

Your Health and Beauty Associates doctor may treat melasma with lasers or medical-grade topical products. Treatments include:

  • Hydroquinone
  • Tretinoin
  • Corticosteroids
  • Kojic acid
  • Azelaic acid
  • Icon laser

How does the Icon laser improve melasma?

Your doctor at Health and Beauty Associates uses the Icon laser to target and shatter the pigment in melasma. Your body then processes and clears the pigment over the next few weeks.

What does an Icon laser treatment feel like?

The Icon laser has a cooling system built into the applicator, so you never feel uncomfortable.

An Icon laser treatment also only takes about 30 minutes. However, you’ll probably need a series of treatments.

What improvements can I expect with Icon?

The Icon laser shatters excess pigment, so your skin looks clearer and more vibrant. The laser energy also stimulates your skin to produce more collagen, so it’s revitalized from the inside out.

After your Icon laser treatments, your skin looks smoother, plumper, healthier, and more evenly-colored.

Clear your melasma starting today by contacting the aesthetic professionals at Health and Beauty Associates. Call or book an appointment online.