Reduce Signs of Aging This Year with the Icon Laser

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Not long ago, plastic surgery was the only way to fight the signs of aging. Lucky for you, today’s exceptional laser technology can turn back time and restore a more youthful appearance without downtime, much less going through the hassle of surgery.

The team here at Health and Beauty Associates specializes in nonsurgical solutions to aging. We use the cutting-edge Icon™ Aesthetic System because it produces proven results that our patients love.

The path to aging skin

Each person’s skin ages at a different rate, but everyone’s skin goes through the same changes that lead to the classic signs of aging: wrinkles, loose skin, and uneven skin tone marked by age or sun spots. Multiple changes occur that contribute to aging, but these are a few of the most important:

Loss of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid

Your skin’s strength comes from collagen, while its resilience depends on elastin. Over the years, production of both goes down, leading to fragile, thin skin.

Then there’s hyaluronic acid — the most important molecule for keeping your skin hydrated. You end up with drier skin as you get older because there’s less hyaluronic acid. All these changes allow wrinkles to become permanently embedded.

Exposure to sunlight

The impact of sunlight on your skin is shockingly significant. An estimated 80% of skin aging is due to ultraviolet light. Damage to your skin and its supporting structures, called photoaging, occurs over time from daily exposure to sunlight. In other words, even if you’re not sunburned, your skin is still affected.

Extraordinary benefits of the Icon Aesthetic System

Here at Health and Beauty Associates, we use the Icon for skin rejuvenation because it allows us to fully customize each patient’s treatment. With the Icon, we can change lasers to target signs of aging such as:

Let’s take a look at how the Icon smooths away wrinkles and eliminates veins and brown spots.

How the Icon rejuvenates your skin

Depending on the laser used, the Icon targets problems at the surface of your skin, or it reaches deep below the surface to stimulate structural changes.

Photofacial to treat surface imperfections

Specific laser wavelengths are absorbed by pigments such as the red and blue tones in spider veins and the brown pigments in age spots. After attaching the appropriate Icon laser, we direct the beam to your skin discolorations.

The surrounding skin isn’t harmed, while the pigmented areas absorb the light. The laser’s energy heats them just enough to make the pigments break down. Over the next few weeks, your body naturally eliminates the waste, which means your age spots or spider veins are permanently eliminated.

Rebuild support to diminish fine lines and wrinkles

The Icon works a different way to smooth away lines and wrinkles. For this treatment, we use the laser that reaches deep below your skin. Just like a photofacial, this treatment doesn’t affect the outer layer of your skin, but below the surface, the laser triggers cells that produce collagen and elastin.

Fresh skin that’s packed with collagen and elastin gradually migrates up to the surface, where it replaces old skin that’s naturally shed. Your new skin is stronger, tighter, and more elastic, which very effectively diminishes the appearance of line, wrinkles, and loose skin.

Icon treatment is quick with no downtime

Your Icon session lasts about 30-60 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Your skin may be slightly red, and freckles and brown spots usually appear darker for a short time before they slough off, but you don’t need downtime to recover.

Some of our patients get the results they want in one treatment; others need several Icon sessions, depending on the extent of their skin problem. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll talk about your needs and what that means for your Icon laser skin rejuvenation.

When you’re ready to reduce the signs of aging, call Health and Beauty Associates, or use our convenient online booking feature to schedule a consultation.

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