Laser Hair Removal Isn’t Just for Women; Men Can Benefit, Too

laser hair removal for men

No one wakes up and gets excited over the morning drill of shaving, a routine that’s especially tedious for men who choose to shave more than their face.

Grooming habits for men have dramatically changed in recent years. As a result, more men remove hair from their chest, back, arms, and underarms. Some also prefer sleek, hair-free legs.

Men are learning what women have known for a long time: Getting rid of body hair is time-consuming, sometimes messy if you go with a cream, and painful when you use wax.

Maybe it will help to know that with today’s cutting-edge technology, laser hair removal at Health and Beauty Associates works just as well for men as it does for women. And just think of the time you’ll save when your hair is permanently gone thanks to a safe laser treatment.

Lasers safely remove hair without harming your skin

If you’re worried that pointing a laser at facial and body hair might also harm your skin, you can put that thought aside.

When lasers operate at a specific wavelength, their energy is absorbed only by the colored pigments found deep in the hair follicles. As a result, the surrounding skin isn’t harmed while the laser’s heat destroys the follicle and stops it from growing hair.

A cooling system built into the handpiece delivering the laser keeps your skin cool throughout your treatment. Afterward, your skin may look a little red, like a mild sunburn, but that quickly goes away.

Icon laser works for all types of hair and skin

You may have heard that laser hair removal doesn’t work well on darker skin types or blond hair, but that’s not true with the advanced Icon laser we use here at Health and Beauty Associates.

The Icon™ is a specialized laser using a wavelength that’s safe for darker skin types, tanned skin, and virtually every hair color. With the Icon, we can also tackle thick, coarse hair, delivering excellent results on every part of your body.

Multiple treatments are required

Before you commit to laser hair removal, it’s important to know that you’ll need multiple treatments to remove all the hair. The laser can only destroy a hair follicle when it’s growing hair. Here’s the thing: Follicles go through regular growth cycles that have three stages, which means they don’t constantly grow hair.

Each follicle goes through a growth stage, then enters a short transitional stage before going into a dormant stage. When the follicle rests, the existing hair falls out and it stops growing hair for a few months until it cycles back into another growth phase.

On any given day, about 10-15% of your hair follicles are dormant. Since they won’t be affected by your laser treatment, you’ll need to get another treatment.

Each follicle also follows its own schedule, so you’ll probably need to have several treatments. Most patients need up to six laser treatments spaced 4-16 weeks apart before all the follicles are caught during a growth phase.

Laser hair removal is tolerable

Since you’ll need several treatments, you’ll want to know how it feels to undergo laser hair removal. Most of our patients tolerate the procedure. However, each pulse of the laser is generally described as feeling like the snap of a rubber band against your skin.

We always offer topical numbing creams to be sure you’re comfortable during your laser sessions. You’ll need to manage a session that could last 10 minutes or an hour, depending on the area being treated.

You don’t have to remove it all; you can thin hair instead

Some men with thick hair on their chest, back, or legs prefer to thin out their hair rather than remove it all. If that’s your goal, the continuous growth cycle works to your advantage. You can get one laser treatment and wait a few weeks to see the results before deciding whether you want another treatment.

Laser hair removal is permanent

Even though it takes several treatments to zap away all your unwanted hair, the results are permanent. For most men, that’s a good thing because they want to be done with daily shaving. But it’s also something to consider before removing hair from your face if you think you might want to change your appearance over time.

If you’re ready to stop shaving and get rid of your unwanted hair, call Health and Beauty Associates or book an appointment online.

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