Common Causes of Spider Veins and How to Make Them Disappear

Common Causes of Spider Veins and How to Make Them Disappear

No one likes the look of spider veins, whether they’re prominently displayed on your neck, legs or elsewhere on your body. Here at Health and Beauty Associates, our team helps many patients reclaim clear, beautiful skin using the Icon® laser. Treatment with the laser is quick, there’s no downtime, and in the end, your spider veins are permanently removed.

Causes of spider veins

Spider veins develop when small veins near the surface of your skin grow enlarged. This widening often comes from a damaged valve, but smooth muscles that line the vein may also weaken and contribute to the problem.

The valves inside your veins keep blood flowing in one direction. They open to let blood flow toward your heart, then they close to stop blood from flowing back in the wrong direction.

When a valve doesn’t function, blood accumulates in the area, which makes the vein expand and become visible at the surface of your skin. The problem only worsens if muscle tone in the vein wall is weak.

Spider veins are so small that when they become visible, they tend to resemble the branching of a tree or a spiderweb. Although you can develop spider veins anywhere on your body, they typically occur in highly visible areas like your face and legs.

It’s uncommon for spider veins to cause physical problems or symptoms, but they have a severe impact on your appearance. That’s why most of our patients ask to have their spider veins removed for cosmetic reasons.

Factors that increase your risk of spider veins

You can change some of the risk factors associated with spider veins, which may lower your chance of developing them, especially on your legs. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with other risk factors, like age, but it’s still good to know what can cause spider veins.

Here are some of the most common risk factors:


Being out in the sun increases the temperature of your skin and body, especially the delicate skin on your face, which dilates veins just enough to contribute to spider veins.


When you spend a fair amount of time sitting or standing, you increase your risk of developing spider veins in your legs. Staying immobile affects circulation because muscle contractions created when you walk are essential to push blood through the veins. You may prevent this problem by taking frequent breaks to move around.

Crossing your legs

You can sit with your legs crossed for a short amount of time and create the same problem as prolonged sitting — crossing your legs inhibits blood flow and weakens valves in the veins.


Progesterone and estrogen both make veins dilate. As the veins expand, they pull at the valves, potentially weakening them or opening them and letting blood go in the wrong direction.


Carrying extra weight puts excessive pressure on veins, making valves weaken.


The older you get, the more likely you are to develop spider veins. Age-related changes in your veins weaken muscles and valves, while the cumulative effect of time increases sun exposure and multiplies the impact of immobility.

Making spider veins disappear

You’ll be glad to know it’s relatively easy to make your spider veins permanently disappear. When you decide to restore your appearance and get rid of your spider veins, we painlessly and noninvasively solve the problem using the Icon laser.

The red- and blue-colored pigments in spider veins absorb a specific laser wavelength, so we can use the laser to target your veins without harming the surrounding skin.

Energy from the laser heats the veins enough to break down their cells. Then your body goes to work, naturally clearing away the cellular waste. Before long, your spider veins are gone for good.

Your treatment takes 30 minutes or less, depending on the size of the area being treated. You may have slight redness or swelling afterward, but it goes away quickly, and you won’t need to take downtime when your session is finished.

If you’re ready to clear your skin and improve your appearance by getting rid of spider veins, call Health and Beauty Associates or book an appointment online.

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