8 Amazing Benefits of the Icon™ Laser

Icon laser skin rejuvenation treatment is among the latest technologies to reduce the signs of aging and to treat flaws in your skin. With Icon laser therapy, pulses of strong laser energy are directed under the skin. The heat from the laser energy destroys imperfections under your skin while stimulating the production of needed collagen and elastin.

Collagen makes your skin look healthy, firm, and youthful. As you age, a drop in collagen negatively impacts the quality of your skin. By triggering collagen production, Icon laser therapy gives your skin a lift — without surgery! The same is true for elastin, which you need for stronger skin and which is replenished by Icon laser therapy. Not only does your skin look younger but it acts younger, too.

Your Icon laser skin rejuvenation treatment

At Health and Beauty Associates, an Icon laser treatment typically takes about 30 minutes and it requires no downtime afterward, so you can continue with your daily activities without restriction. The device features a cooling system to minimize any discomfort from the heat. You might experience a warm or tingling sensation, but the procedure should be painless.

Typically, patients see significant results after just one Icon laser treatment but depending on your skin condition, you might need additional sessions. After you’ve achieved your skin goal, we advise touch-up appointments every year or so to make sure your skin keeps looking great. 

But why choose Icon laser over the many other skin rejuvenation therapies out there? In short, an Icon laser treatment offers amazing benefits. It can improve:

1. Skin texture

It bears repeating that Icon laser therapy improves your skin significantly by spurring production of needed collagen and elastin, leaving your skin more youthful looking.  

2. Skin tone

The production of collagen and elastin boosts the strength and firmness of your skin, making it more resilient.

3. Evenness

The Icon laser makes your skin look even again by treating imperfections and discoloration. An excess of melanin, for instance, may lead to patches of skin that are darker than surrounding areas, a condition known as hyperpigmentation.

4. Sun spots and freckles

As beachgoers and outdoor workers surely know, one of the most common sources of skin problems is too much time in the sun. Freckles, dry skin, or leathery skin all can result from too much exposure. Icon laser therapy is ideal for erasing sun damage.

5. Age spots

With aging comes age spots, but an Icon laser treatment can help make you and your skin look young again.

6. Fine lines

Icon laser treatment can help you fight the emergence of fine lines around your eyes and mouth as you get older.

7. Wrinkles

Icon laser therapy removes layers of damaged skin, meaning you can significantly reduce your wrinkles without surgery or Botox® treatments!

8. Melasma

Melasma is a skin discoloration issue that primarily affects women,  especially pregnant women, but can be treated with Icon laser therapy.

Are you ready to rejuvenate your skin and present a more youthful-looking face to the world? Call us now or book online and we can help you look younger without surgery, pain or recovery time.

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